GCFA Valencia

We are part of the GCFA group founded in Salvador de Bahia in 1984 by Master Roberval and Master Laércio. In Valencia, the classes are conducted by Contramestre Daniel Arroz with the collaboration of Master Gato Preto and Raimon, under the guidance of Master Laércio. We are a cultural association that, through free association, performs community activities such as presentations of capoeira, workshops for children and demonstration of instruments.

Like any group of Capoeira Angola, our goal is to live the culture of Capoeira Angola with a deep respect to the roots of its practice. Our association is also a study group, where all members, beginners and veterans, seek to deepen their understanding of this art and fully apply it to everyday life. Our history is recent.The history of Capoeira Angola in Europe is also recent. However, it is to mention that we are one of the first groups to bring the Capoeira Angola to everyday life in Spain and that in our path we have received and worked with many great “capoeiristas” (capoeira players) and masters, from an intercultural and ethical perspective.

Our journey began in the “Ateneu de Russafa” in mid-2000.  As of 2002, our classes were held in a space called “Saltamontes” as well as in the Youth Center of Mislata. In 2004, we had our first experience in having our own space in Patraix, a district of Valencia. From 2006 to 2009, we had our second experience in having a space in another district of Valencia, Benimaclet. For all these 12 years we have been working closely with the community, giving classes in many districts of Valencia, as Xenillet, Barrio de Cristo, La Coma, Torrefiel, among others. Allways collaborating with educators and social workers, our aim is to canalize positively the creativity of children and teenagers into the practice of Capoeira Angola, which can improve social relations in a ludic way by respecting the authenticity of each person.

We have also given workshops for more than 8 years in the summer camps organized by the IVAJ (Youth Institue of Valencia) and have participated in programmes such as the SARC, taking the magiv of Capoeira Angola throughout the Community of Valencia.

We are involved in other activities as well, for example, we participate every year, since 2001, in the Alternative Fair of Valencia, with our stand of organic juices, Brazilian style. In this event we also organize “rodas”.

With our presence in the social, artistic and cultural scenario of Valencia dating back to the year 2000, we had several experiences interacting with the community and trying to help as players of Capoeira Angola, a practice that involves interculturality, collective work, citizenship and creativity.

Currently our activities take place in the following spaces: La Chimenea, Jarité and Camino Caminot, 86.