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Home - Filhos de Angola - Valencia

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Welcome to the website of the Capoeira Group Filhos de Angola – Valencia

Capoeira Angola is an art that links fight, dance, singing, percussion, theatricality, sport and play.

The practice of capoeira Angola provides a new perspective through a continuous development of body expression, rhythm, balance, improvisation and strength, allowing each “capoeirista” (capoeira player) to unfold his true nature. More…

About us

We are part of the GCFA group founded in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) in 1984 by Master Roberval and Master Laércio. Currently Master Laércio coordinates the GCFA group internationally.

In Valencia, the classes are conducted by Mestre Daniel Arroz, under the guidance of Master Laércio and in collaboration with Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA Salvador) and Mestre Pingo (GCFA Itinga)


Do you want to know Capoeira Angola, our group and try out a training session?

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